Sabtu, 30 Juni 2012

how tecnology affect our life

In this era, the technology has developed very advanced and sophisticated. This technology development has a lot of advantages for human being so that it can facilitate human to do their job. Technology very useful for our personal life and social life. The uses of technology for personal life itself like the internet, mobile phones and computer in our day to day life.
The uses of the internet for our personal life such as we can gain our information from it. Nowadays, the internet has a lot of sites and it can help us to do our job or just want to know some news. We can get information trough sites like detik.com which deliver news every second or google.com the efficient one. From the internet we can do our assignment too, for example if we need some news as recourses to do our assignment we can find it in google.com, we just have to type the key word that we want to search than in seconds the information that we want will appear. Today, we can use the internet by computer and mobile phones and it makes this technology more efficient than the others.
Another uses and the affect of technology in our lives we can find in mobile phones. Communicating is one of many aspects that affect our lives, which caused technology become more advanced and developed. Today, more people must have mobile phones, they need mobile phones in their daily activity such as for business, socializing and so on. People do not do their job in daily life without communicate with other people, for example if we have an assignment when we didn’t come in lecture I can ask my friend trough mobile phones, I can ask by message or just call my friend. We can use mobile phones in emergency condition, for example if we have been stole we can call the police and ask for help. Mobile phones are a good thing and make saving peoples life easier.
The third is the affect of computer for our personal life. In fact, the computer has plenty of useful functions. Nowadays, many jobs need to the computer by helping with powerful function. Automatically, the functions and others will be increased such as the speed will faster than previous speed. The level of the computer is upgraded on each year. Actually the computer has many functions such as if we write our assignment by hand it must be done for a long time so if write it will be more faster if we use computer, we can use computer for business because in the computer we can use Microsoft word, Excel, and PowerPoint to deliver our presentation in meeting.
The uses of three kind of technology below have relation one to another. We can use the internet by mobile phones or computer. Those kind of technology bring convenience to human lives.

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